Changing career direction? Be sure to change your CV to suit

Career change is a necessity for many people just now. But, before sending out your existing CV for vacancies in a different industry, ensure you’ve adapted it to suit first.

Incorporate keywords for the type of post you’re applying for and showcase your transferable skills, qualities and experience – this will give confidence that you will be able to transition smoothly and successfully into a new sector.

You may need to change the emphasis of job information from previous roles, or expand upon information which might have been readily understood in the same field, but now needs further explanation; skills you took for granted as they were ‘a given’ in one type of job may be a real asset in a new arena.

Being capable of doing the job is only half of the battle though – a hiring manager is more likely to select your application over others if you’ve made it clear why you wish to pursue that type of job and what you’ve done to gain a better understanding of it; so include this in your profile (this should be underneath your contact information toward the top of the 1st page of your CV).

If you are finding it tricky tailoring your CV for a different industry then we can help. We offer a CV writing service for a fixed cost of £50. Call 07815 846176 for more info, or email your existing CV to (and if you don’t have a CV at all, don’t worry – we can write it for you completely from scratch).