CV Writing

Over the years we have seen an awful lot of CV’s – both good and bad; when we put a candidate forward for one of our vacancies, we spend a great deal of time ensuring we have all of the pertinent information required in order to draw up the best CV for them that we possibly can (free of charge), before sending it out to our clients. Having received such positive feedback about the consistently high quality of the CV’s we produce we have decided to offer this service to everyone seeking employment in the pharmaceutical and medical sales industry, regardless of who they are applying for jobs through (please note, if we are not putting you forward to one of our vacancies this is a paid service).

Whilst you may be able to buy a book or download a template online so that you can write your own CV, these guides are usually not industry specific and rely upon you knowing exactly what to include (we often hear from candidates that this is what they struggle with the most) and understanding what pharmaceutical companies and recruitment agencies want to see – which is where we come in; as industry specialists we are in a great position to be able to create a CV on your behalf which emphasises your relevant experience, highlights your successes and transferable skills. Why run the risk of losing out on your dream job to someone who looks ‘better on paper’?

We believe our CV writing service may be particularly beneficial for:

  • Sales professionals from other industries thinking about pursuing a position in medical/pharma sales
  • Applicants with previous pharmaceutical or medical sales experience who have been away from the industry for some time and wish to resume their former career
  • Candidates with medical sales experience gained overseas seeking employment in the UK
  • Current medical or pharmaceutical sales representatives who want to take the next step in their career i.e. from GP/Hospital Representative to Hospital Specialist
  • Current medical or pharmaceutical sales representatives who have not looked for new employment for some time and need an outdated CV refreshing
  • Nurses thinking about making the transition from the NHS environment into industry, whether in a clinical or sales capacity.

The cost for this service is a one-off payment of £199 (price includes VAT); the average turnaround time from submission of the original CV to presentation of the final version is 48 hours.

As a company we pride ourselves on our open communication with our customers, and we would therefore welcome the opportunity to advise you as to whether we can add value to your current CV (many applicants already have outstanding CV’s which we can’t improve upon). If you are interested in finding out more then please call 0161 298 6448 or email us at